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Welcome to HearingAidsCentral.com, HearingAids4Less.com, MelodyHearingAids.com and HearingCentral.com, divisions of Hearing Central LLC. We are pleased to announce that we are RE-opening for business in the summer of 2014, after the unfortunate passing of the mastermind of Hearing Central, Phil Wyatt on Father’s Day 2012.

After many months of efforts by Phil’s family to continue operations, it was decided to close the business at the end of 2013.

However, with the thousands of faithful customers and advocates, Phil’s family chose to pass the reins to a seasoned veteran of the hearing care business, Edward Maznio, TheHEARO, to carry on Phil’s legacy and mission.

Thank you in advance for your patience in this transition. It won’t be without a few hiccups, but we promise to make affordable hearing aids available once again to the world via HearingAidsCentral.com, HearingCentral.com and other sites owned by Hearing Central LLC.

We look forward to serving you and will be happy to help existing customers who had service interrupted and new customers who’ve been referred by one of our thousands of happy past customers.

You are welcome to call the original toll-free # 1-877-611-4636 or email Hearing Central at info@hearingcentral.com.

Our new and even more robust website will be launched later this summer, and will be sure to impress. Melody Open Fit Digital Hearing Aids, along with MyRIC Receiver in the Ear Digital Hearing Aids and Digi-ITC Digital Hearing Aids will once again be available, along with replacement parts, accessories and warranty service. All existing warranties will be honored and no one will go without help.

Thank you again for your faithful following and patronage!

- Edward A. Maznio, President
Hearing Central LLC & The HEARO LLC
www.HearingCentral.com, HearingAids4Less.com
www.HearingAidsCentral.com and www.MelodyHearingAids.com